Yali Capkini

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Fictional scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 57 scenario

Suna finds herself in a room which, while not adjacent to Kaya’s, is at least still on the same floor. His room is a good twenty-second walk from hers. She tried to bribe the receptionist to place her in the room beside his, but it had already been occupied.

So be it! Again, isn’t that Suna doesn’t think she was in the wrong. She knew very well she was. Yet in her mind she has convinced herself that she could make things right. She plans to win Kaya over. The plan is not very concrete just yet—but in a way, it just might work. Just like how Kaya never left her side for the entirety of their marriage, Suna is willing to prove that she will never leave his.

He just needs to let her.

Suna knocks on his door later on. No response. But she knows him well enough and tells herself he’s probably at the pool. So she grabs a towel, changes into her bathing suit and a new sundress, and heads to the rooftop of their hotel.

As expected, Kaya is there, already doing his laps, but he pays no need to her. Not even when she slides into the pool as well. In this moment, he gets up and leaves.

“Kaya,” she calls out, climbing out of the pool as well, and he’s forced to finally look at her. “We need to talk. I wanted to say—I’m sorry, I know I’m wrong, and…”

“Are you seriously doing this?” he says. “I’m on vacation, Suna. I don’t want to be bothered.”

That comment stings a bit, but Suna swallows her pride and continues to forge on. “There’s no other way I can reach out to you in person. You wouldn’t give me your new address and I was too scared to ask—knowing what you might say to me.”

He shakes his head. “Just stop. Just stop, okay? It’s hard for me. I want to forget the pain that you caused me. I want to leave it all in the past. Is that too much for me to ask?”


“Kaya?” a woman’s voice says, and they both turn to it. Suna observes the woman and her friend as they talk to Kaya—both very blond and very British.

“Mary? Daisy?” Kaya looks surprised. “I haven’t seen you since London—”

“We’re here for the art convention, of course. So many talented artists from around the world are flying in. It’s so good to see you, Kaya.”

Suna wants to wait and see if Kaya would introduce her to the women or not as his wife, but before she can do that, a pool attendant approaches her. “Miss Suna, someone is calling for you.”

Suna frowns, pulls on a robe, and follows the attendant to a room inside, where she’s directed to a phone. She picks up. “Hello?”


It’s İfakat’s voice. Suna wants to scream. “İfakat hanım, how did you find me here?”

She hears her scoff. “I caught sight of you hauling out your luggage at six in the morning and asked one of the drivers to tail your taxi. Really, Suna, what is the meaning of this? A staycation in a time like this? And did you turn off your phone? God knows how difficult it was to reach you…”

“It’s an art convention,” Suna explains. “Kaya’s here because his favorite artist is giving a talk.”

Suna can tell that İfakat perks up visibly. “Ah, is he? Well, my child. I always knew you were smart enough to figure out how to get to him. Even his stupid mother didn’t know how to reach her son, but she could just be withholding information from me.”

Suna sighs. “Can I get back to…”

“Yes, yes. Of course. And don’t even think of returning here if Kaya isn’t in tow. Don’t you dare return without your husband. We had a deal. Remember it.” And the phone clicks off.

Suna peers out of the full length glass door. She sees Kaya is at the bar, and the two women are perched by him. She knows he only drinks water, but still…

She doesn’t feel like cornering him right now. Suna checks the schedule displayed on one of the walls, and sees that the talk of his favorite artist is still tomorrow. So be it. It’ll look terrible for her to barge in while he was chatting up with his old London friends. This was a large, five-star hotel, and it would be relatively easy to amuse herself.

So Suna signs herself up for a massage and spa. God knows she’s stressed enough and can use some relaxing.

But she thought those things prematurely. Two hours later, when she emerges from the spa in nothing but her robe and a cloud of smoke, she runs into a very angry Kaya.

“Kaya?” she says. “What brings you here? You said you didn’t like spas.”

“Where have you been?”

She’s confused. “I’ve been at the spa.”

“Why weren’t you answering your phone?”

“I…I switched off my phone and put it away during the spa.” Obviously, she can’t tell him that she needs to avoid İfakat. He would think she’s crazy. Suna clears her throat and switches on her phone.

“Suna, do you know how many times I called you?”

Her phone whirs into life. Suna frowns as she checks the call log. Twenty-seven missed calls from Kaya Sönmez.

She looks up at him, alarmed. “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry? You stepped out of the pool for a good fifteen minutes. When I looked for you, they told me you had gone back to your room. I knocked on your door. You weren’t there. I tried asking the concierge about you. Told them I was your husband. They didn’t believe me, said we had separate rooms and it didn’t make sense. Finally someone remembered they had CCTV.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you worry. I really just wanted a nice and relaxing afternoon…”

“Suna, you’ll be the death of me. Relaxing from what? All the stress you’ve caused me?”

She turns to him, annoyed. “As if you’ve never annoyed me in your life. Do you know how difficult it is to talk to you?”

“Do you know how difficult it was for me to find you?” Kaya shakes his head. “I thought you’d left because you’d given up—” and all of a sudden, he shuts his mouth, as if he’s said too much.

“Give up on what?” Suna asks, confused. Then it dawns on her. “Give up on what…chasing you? Were you trying to make me jealous? Because you wanted me to go after you?”

“Suna, I…”

Suna shakes her head and turns away. “Well, it’s my turn now. I’m gonna find the swankiest bar in the area and I’ll hit up the hottest guy who seems to like me.”

“No.” And all of a sudden he’s in front of her. “Don’t you dare, Suna. Don’t you dare.”

And it’s all of a sudden just like old times, their bickering and banter, but without much of the magic Suna felt back then. And she’s angry but she can’t help it because this is practically her fault too, so all she does is sidestep Kaya and run for the elevators before he can catch her.

She cannot believe she’s dealing with such an immature child. The nerve of him, wanting her to grovel. Well, grovel she will. She was willing to do that, if it meant him taking her back.

But it had to be on her own terms.

Suna doesn’t have much plans for the next day. The talk Kaya’s favorite artist is giving starts at two in the afternoon. Suna knows her husband well; he plans to order lunch in his room just to avoid seeing her. And she’s right: at around noon, she hears the room service cart being wheeled all the way to his room. She sighs to herself and makes do with a sandwich or two. She’s too nervous to eat. By one, though, she’s already dressed, in a blue sundress he once chose for her because he liked how it brightened her eyes, and she marches up outside his room to pace back and forth.

It doesn’t take too long. Within a few minutes, Kaya opens the door. “What are you doing?” he asks.

“I’m going to the artist’s forum with you,” she tells him, determined. “And you can’t stop me.”

He shakes his head as she walks him to the elevator. “Suna, I told you I wasn’t ready to talk yet.”

“That’s why I said I would do the talking!” She catches her breath. “Why are you so against this? Do you not want things to work out?”

“It’s not that. I—”

“If you want a divorce, just tell me so now.”

“I don’t want that,” he says quickly, and Suna smiles because she knows she’s caught him. “I just need more time,” he continues.

“Well, time waits for no one.” The elevator arrives, and they get in in silence.

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