Yali Capkini

Yali capkini Episode 60 Shahmouz agreed with Nukhte sign ifakat

Let us be aware (everyone pays the price of his actions, if not today then after, everyone does not learn from others and he pays the price for his mistakes and they continue with their own mistakes and forget that they will fall like him one day)

*pelin her pain on ferit ‘s knowledge of the truth more than her pain on the parting of her son, obsession canceled the feeling of motherhood and the pain that went and all her focus is focused on Ferit Hatoly Ferit Mahdash Hisarni is not unique

The story of pelin’s end will not end unless Ferit confronts him with his actions with it

* Ignoring him and losing his real life.


* will direct with her and recognizes all her actions more under her humiliation and collapse of her world that ends and Htsr once Seyran and once unique because Ferit closes her story to Azm get out of his life with his hands … pelin has no mind to think about revenge I said this is a personality that cant think someone must direct her and one day she acts alone she fell into the evil of her actions

Ferit was evading and stubborn with himself from the sentence I have no guilt to admitting his mistakes and where does he get them to and this is a nice progress but I didn’t say that he was treated 100% because he is still holding on to one side he is still making mistakes

* What is normal makes mistakes to the extent that he learns

The lesson is in the mistake, he completes it like the first time, and he doesn’t stand in the middle of it, or he seeks that he doesn’t want to make a mistake and think

I don’t care about many mistakes, I care about the reaction of the action in every mistake that makes a difference or not.


His anger from jealousy was hurting and ending between him and his wife the understanding now the situation has changed he hears and then judges

Yes, Ferit Korhan still has a present influence, and he deals with Seyran with emotions, but in front of her to know his intention (Seyran, I make a lot of mistakes and lose everyone because of my actions) I mean, knowing his intention, so there is no problem dealing with her with the influence of her emotions because this is Siran’s personality, and he realized it and started to understand it

Angry or loud voice, praise, good word, feelings = understanding and awareness of each other.

Their return is not easy but their current test

Halis + kazim+ Akash + Suna + Akin + Nefra = their return tax

Because this time their return will be two struggling in the middle of a desert without water and lost in the road with the support of each other they can work and continue until they find a place to save them

Because there is no more separation because they continued with difficulty to each other despite their illness and conspiracies, they fought themselves and others to choose what they want

Unlike the first time it was forcing them to each other

The second time forcing their parents to do so

The warrior was followed by the warrior.


Parrish throwing the ball at Ferit and Kazim Stadium

Will Ferit believe the words of Sir Wig and not go behind the topic and help her? he won’t believe and will support her

When Kazim heard Akash parallel when he knew that Safwat Bent Qom will save his daughter or will he prove that he has not changed and throw her in the life of Akin and Akash??

Akin is a person of color with skill do not deceive you his actions he planned from the beginning his first appearance in front of Seyan

And a plan that falls in its way and takes its attention

He is the one who sold the picture of Ferit and Seyran.


And he is the one who puts his hand on her shoulder Mam Ferit is proof of a problem between her and Ferit

And he is the one who throws words from bottom to bottom and when she turns on him he says i am joking with you Ramadan what you are not joking

Same meeting with Ferit, same baklava

He does everything to her, Ferit did it, as if he was erasing her memories with Ferit and making her memories that he is with

But Akin still doesn’t know how to walk she loves calm and sweet words, but in her mood.


You love him from Ferit from Kazim but you love him from someone else no

Her problem is that there is a rap of men in general, aggression in front of anyone who tries to steal her life or her thoughts Sometimes she uses her mind in a dangerous way

I mean maybe she left the ball to Ferit when she told him about Akin and said to herself either leave me but he understands that I am in trouble and that her father forced her as usual and understands and this way he will prove her confidence if he moves right

And at the same time, she will not marry anyone or divorce. She is the one who is playing with them so that no one harms anyone She pretends that she accepts the situation until she reaches a point

I mean neither Akin nor Kazim nor Akash understand Seyran.


Abidin loved once and I think he will not love again Shafika’s girl is the one who will throw herself at him

And this way Suna will start to neglect Farid a little and focus on Abdeen because of her jealousy of Shafika’s daughter

And a little bit focus on ferit when she has free time and she is walking

By the way, Suna won’t understand what she wants except when she goes through life alone without anyone guiding her what to do

That’s why she will make mistakes and make mistakes and act a lot of wrong but this is all a setback from her satisfaction

And we must accept the pain of sports and actions because of lack of awareness and understanding he is not aware of himself he is doing what pain is the one who moves them so we deal with them that they are aware


And I said instead of once a million personalities not for sympathy not for sympathy

pelin + Suna + Ferit + Seyran + Halis + Kazim + Kaya + Nukte

Personalities who didn’t accept them because of their families

The rest are vengeful personalities.

Shahmooz two things

Either I agree with Nukte to sign ifakat

oh magnanimous he plays with vakat and nocket

And in both cases ifakat Al-Kor on her because of the scandal of her actions


Dressing like each other is not stingy these are hints of the characters similar to each other in pain and wrong behaviors

ferit was pelin in the life of Seyran

Kaya knew Beryl in Suna’s life.

Orhan knew ifakat in Gulgun’s life.

Kazim knew two buttons in the life of Asma

And all of them were planning for you

Akin knows who ??.











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