Yali Capkini

Yali capkini Episode 60 Will Kazim help Seyran get rid of okkes?

The first announcement for episode( 60)
We’ve reached an excellent number of episodes in recent years.
With the many series and the lack of patience of the producers and the channels stopped
Serials are fashionable and a series rarely reaches 60 episodes
But the problem of the yali capkini as it is from about 50 rings, does not change
No renewal – no dramatic handling – bad narrative
Poverty of ideas and laziness – the entire staff is unpassionate

The beginning of the announcement was from where the episode left off (59)
pelin ‘s escape and I almost went to Ferit’s workplace and there will be a tearful discussion between them from both sides and Ferit s sentence is the most prominent in the ad “Thank you because of you I got to know Seyran” a sentence that a very large number were expected and waiting for But as usual the series always faces a problem in the timing and employment of the viewer meaning this incident should have happened 30 episodes ago About myself when I watch it I don’t know if I will be with the same passion or not and the scene of kneeling at The man I didn’t like the truth

The story of Orhan, Seyran, Akash and the Indian film
All this does not enter my brain at all, starting with the imprisonment of the naïve Orhan
Why was he locked up Didn’t Fred pay the men money?
Was Orhan at the scene?
Were there any witnesses against Orhan?
Consequently, Kazim words became against Orhan’s words and he is not imprisoned
Until any evidence emerges that proves that he caused damage to Kazim

And then what is the secret of the sudden weakness of the Korhan family? They cannot get him out or protect him. An exaggerated weakness to open sub-topics and a naïve argument so that Orhan and Akash the great Agha do not come out. The strong solid mafia cannot solve his past, and Siran and Orhan are the ones who will bring him revenge .
Every time he enters the series, his revenge marries Seyran to his grandson!

Suna’s talk with Ferit I think it will be an order from Seyran to be convinced
And Suna will be happy and can provide spices from her And Fred’s attempt at denial will continue throughout the episode and he will continue to look for a convincing reason until the judge comes from Seyran (and according to what I heard) the lock of the episode Seyran will appear in front of the press and hold Akin’s hand and announce that she is getting married and it is possible that he is trying to kiss them And from here the matter will end for Ferit and we will go to court

But this is all that happened in the first commercial for episode 60
I don’t think there are additional topics that have been raised

Suna Mo her problem is Ferit Suna her problem is Seyran basically she has hatred for Seyran and changed from her Effat had a right when she told Halis that Suna has a poison hidden towards her sister. Is it because of the weakness of Suna’s personality and the strength and logic of Seyran for such a walk a lot of love As for the violence side they are violent from the side of their parents and they lived the same sadness and deprivation of the tenderness of the harsh father

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