Yali Capkini

Yali capkini Episode 60Will Ece tell the truth to Ferit?

Well, are they two important words guys?
The declaration is a disaster, and what this personality does is a disaster (Seyran)
Well, we knew you were doing this to protect his father!
The question here is, does he deserve all this? Does he deserve that you die slowly in it and always hurt him in this disgusting way?! And you are sure that this time he has no guilt in what you are doing! .

Well, basically being married, is this worth cutting all hopes?!
The game will turn on Seyran soon because it is basically clear that this character of Akin is not a normal character for sure?!
The question is also here, what is the difference between you and ferit, my daughter.

Seyran lies and speaks and acts and makes mistakes in the same way that appeared on the satellite channels all talk about it and claimed the ideal
Why didn’t you do what you said with your tongue to ferit, when Orhan was running away?
(If you had known me from the beginning, we would have found a good solution)?!! .

From the end a personality that is top in contradiction and arrogance always gives herself the right to anything as long as she sees it right from her point of view without considering the other side in the first place
And if her intention is not bad but for me shame on the good intention if it is like this Sero Gym❤️
In the end, I want to tell you that ferit, will also not give up and will try with her and will return, but what you must know is that you are dealing with a completely abnormal character named Seyran Shanli, and thank you❤️.

And when okkes threatens her with Orhan death in prison and dies, you come back and say because of her and so on???
I mean ferit who insulted her in front of the press and said about her we gathered her from dancing on the tables and she is a liar and all what she said is a lie that never happened and she has no family and blablabla
And I tried to reconcile and she stuck to me and took money and took a bribe and all this is normal they say about his wife in front of the press .

But she comes out and says that each one of us is free to do what in his life, so she is arrogant and contradictory, not forced, for example???
Not ferit who my grandfather is saying he doesn’t know how to get dad out and he is afraid that dad will get something in prison because of us and he wails every now and then
Frankly, I would have been happy if she was working hard to bother Farid more than she was doing this because of his father.

The common denominator between okkes Agha and Akin is the use of lies and deception to reach their goal

Akash Agha uses the language of threats and blackmail
Akin uses the language of persuasion, encouragement and confidence-building

okkes expressed his intentions more clearly when SEYran returned
Because Akin tells him about every move you make.

I read a lot of comparisons between SEYRan and Ferit and from his pain is greater and who loves the other more and who loved the other before
For me
The truth is that both Farid and Seyran love each other madly and fell in love at the same moment, but the difference is only in the way of expressing love, and this appears from their first meeting
My opinion.


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