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yali capkini Series Episode 57 New and powerful events

I want to talk about the leaks point in general due to the many questions on the subject and the leaks about the kingfisher series are divided into 4 categories

Category I “Correct leaks”
And she is the one who hears it and intervenes really you meet her in the episode.

Category II “spicy leaks”
And I called it spices because sometimes there is a leak, so all the vans prefer to add spices and words, and in the other the leak comes out correctly, but the scene is different, not like we are thinkers.

Category III “pulse palpation leaks”
And these leaks come out of the production on the tongue of the vans
And they see the pulse of the vans palpation, is there approval? Is there any objection?
Public opinion has to make the decision, and this has been repeated too often.

Fourth category “Leaks inspired by fiction”
There are some accounts on social in general not a specific application that publish some of their points of view and expectations with some nonsense and people take the words in the form of leaks and tell you that I heard someone who heard someone
And this one hears someone saying this.

Leaks in general have more than one format as you explained and are difficult to control because of the popularity of the series, even if the series is not number 1 in viewing, but it remains the most popular series in the last two years.

For example, yesterday there was talk about the exit of the character of pelin
And the origin of this is death and the child Etcetera
I don’t have confirmed information and I have already shared all the possible scenarios in this dramatic line and now I share with you the formula of the leaks The leak could be right and it could be a pulse palpation and maybe wrong
But whoever has been following since the first season will know the issue of the exit of the character of pelin, this is a series alone, we preferred a whole season every week we hear the character of pelin  will appear after two episodes, not after 4, and the same topic is repeated.

And I would like to say if you think that the problem of the Kingfisher bird series is because of the character of pelin  you need to review yourself the character of pelin A drop in the sea of absurdity that happens because all Turkish series have third parties and betrayal and controversial topics and there are and there are But Bacon has a good idea proposal, easy and logical treatment with some details.

But in the kingfisher, you have bad management, implementation, writing, directing, lack of planning, creativity, and lack of intelligence in presenting topics. And we have difficulty understanding everything. This is other than randomness And every unemployed actor in Turkey you sign I mean I wish pelin s character was the crisis the situation would have been better But it is just a drop in a sea of problems A series that was at the top on the level of literally everything was at the top but the situation It turned into a stage as if they intended to fail.

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