Yali Capkini

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Will Ferit choose the boy or Pelin

Close the episode.

Kazim forced Seyran to go to meet Akin and she did not know that he was the same person who hit her before The important thing is that I sat a little bit in the restaurant he did not come so she went of course her father sold one with her to make sure that she accepted Akin the important thing is to prevent her from going at this moment Akin had arrived but she did not see Akin saw someone else getting out of the car and she was afraid of him and went inside the restaurant she was trying to gather nerves and also Akin does not know who he will meet ( Girl means ).


As I expected, Akin was not there by chance, but he is close to Akash Agha

But they didn’t sit down and eat.

Since Ken was introduced as a good and respectable person and helped Ferit and seyran, I expect that Seran will not reject him immediately.

Her test will be for herself first

Later, he may withdraw when he realizes that her love for Ferit is not over.

He entered the restaurant and she got out from inside she hit him so she told him there is a gang outside and I want to get out and I don’t know so he didn’t know that he is Akin and told her come I will get you out and get her out of the kitchen and of course she thanks him and tells him I am going he said I am Akin ♂️

I was shocked and the face of that time Ferit

Minutes later, they called him and told him that pelin was in the hospital.


Talking is easy but applying is hard

If the shape doesn’t matter, why run away, and why can’t you even sit with someone you don’t like, but maybe he’s a good person? Aren’t these the tips for girls?

Of course, accepting marriage to someone should be in form and content, but here it is only in a dating meeting.


Since Akin helped Seyran and Ferit in the first meeting

It looks like my wish will come true soon.

I mean, seyran and Akin’s talk will be centered on her love for Ferit.

Suna’s waking nightmares

It seems that her disease has progressed dramatically and reached the stage of seeing hallucinations and fantasies


She doesn’t dream of Ferit, she dreams of Seyran’s life.

She doesn’t love Ferit, she loves to love as Ferit loves Seyran.

Halis after the death of the child will agree with Serter and Shahmouz to close the case to prevent him or them from being embarrassed for no reason because the child died and there is no need to test or claim a percentage and it will be announced to the press that Ferit child died.


Nefra’s revenge on FERIT

Of course, she has no right to take revenge because nothing happened between them and he did not promise her anything, and the last words between them before the Orhan case “We should not meet, and I just wanted to be friends.”

Nevra’s revenge would be to expose the case that Pelin ‘s son was from Serter.

“These eyes won’t close if you’re not with me.”

A wonderful and deep sentence with a big meaning

She is” I love you until I die”

She” I won’t abandon you until death”

“My life would have no meaning without you and even death would be no rest for me while you were away.”


هThis sentence and this expression is common to the Turks

People use it as an example

The mother says to her son if she does not do that I will die with my eyes open or my eyes will not be closed in the grave as a sign of torment and lack of reassurance

So I say that its meaning is deep.

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